In order to be able to see my love Princey, we are currently raising money! I am joinging in with drawing commisions. Sadly, I can’t draw fanart for you, there are certain laws over here that keep me from selling fanart of copyrighted material. However, I will gladly draw your OCs, your fanbots, you or your fandom-alter-egos!

I am trying to put the prices as low as possible, because I know how hard times are and that most people have their own money struggles. The options are as following:

Doodle portraits, cleaned and with hints of shadows and one splash colour (like the first one) 2$ (additional character +2$)

Coloured doodle portraits (which includes patterns, for example if your character wears patterned clothing I will draw that, not just sketch it like I did with the hat here) 4$ (additional character +2$)

Full body drawing, including flat colour and a bit of lighting 6$ (additional character +3$)

Fully coloured drawing of one or two characters, including a form of background and/or surroundings 8$ (additional character +3$) If you just want one character, background or surroundings will be more detailed.


If you want a commission, message me (if I’m not responding within a day, tumblr ate the message, just message me again, I won’t get angry or ignore you if your message is in my inbox twice, don’t let that stop you.) We can talk details. Payment will be handled via paypal and then I’ll get to work right away! I’ll upload the finished products to this blog, tag and message you. Once you have it, you can do whatever you want with it. I’ll try to put it on in a higher quality, so if you really feel like it, you can print it out or whatever you like to do with art of your characters.

I’m sorry if it’s still outside of your price range, I’d love to draw stuff for free or 1+2$ but I really have to focus on our goal because otherwise it would take years until we have the money for the flight and Princey’s passport…

So, anyone who is supporting us, thank you very much. If you are not interested or can’t afford to spend money right now, I understand and if you signal boost, it would still help so much! Thank you everyone!